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Excel Twitters 20081004

There was less complaining about Excel than usual this week in Twitter world. Maybe it’s the economy. People are chatting about Excel in the classroom, on the job, at home and even on the subway. And please be careful if you’re ever filling in a paper survey. Thanks!

Fun With Charts

  • Working on lesson plans. Who knew Excel does tally marks? Put four | characters in a cell then press Control-5; it adds a strikethrough!
  • Have you ever played with the repeat function in Excel to make a pseudo-bar graph? My kids like it.
  • Angela uses excel where the kids research the size of the planets which are put on graph automatically so kids can SEE relative sizes

On the Job

  • Our hourly people hijacked the Excel spreadsheet and hacked on god only knows what.
  • Funny to see the guys working for the other company on our floor flipping tabs from facebook to email/excel as I’m walking behind them 😀
  • Dangerous with Excel…in a bad way. creating a budget for a new business. they didn’t teach excel in philosophy class.
  • Oh, Twitter friends! SAVE ME! How do I retrieve a previously saved file when I have already saved over it? Microsoft Excel. Any ideas?
  • Doubting Excel’s “RAND()” function. Picked 48 twice in 7 samples

Just Relax

  • Old man on the subway is reading Excel 2000 Power Programming with VBA. Poor guy.
  • I love working in Excel – it lets me make-up words without spell checking. A feeling of relaxtivity.
  • There is something about working in Excel that I find very satisfying. “Little boxes all the same.There’s a green one and a pink one…”
  • the table next to me is discussing pivot tables and great database applications over drinks… FUN!
  • As tedious as it can be sometimes, I really like tinkering with Excel and Word projects. I could adjust/shade/size crap in here all day.
  • Sometimes I wish I could have an open Excel window on me at all times, in the background, in case I need to plot/calculate something.

Excel At Home

  • taught chris how to use excel for his homework. gosh i wish most of my family wasn’t computer illiterate…
  • My mom got a part time job entering paper surveys into Excel, and if you ever take one, don’t mark 2, or halfway in-between. Please.
  • Quote of the day: “If I ever have a kid, I’m going to name him some weird Excel forumla so he messes up all his teacher’s spreadsheets.”

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