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Excel Twitter 20110602

image What do you need to get through an Excel session? Tequila? Chinese food? Onion soup?

  • Finishing up that #Excel thingy this morning. Then I’m having tequila for lunch. #thatsall
  • Taught myself the basics of #excel pivottables today, avoiding mostly-pointless classes. #smallvictories
  • Oh my gosh… My boss accidentally deleted my entire Saturday’s worth of work on Excel and hit "yes" on "save now?"
  • I just made an Excel spreadsheet for my office. With formulas. That work. After getting a cool 74% on my Excel exam. #winning
  • I wish we had better lighting in the living room. My eyes hurt from excel charts and inputing addresses.
  • I did a really stupid thing at work.. deleted very important data from Excel sheet then save & close it!!! hope the IT can retreive it :S
  • Just saw someone I knew in high school crowdsourcing on FB for someone to add Excel SUM formulas to their work timesheets for them.
  • I really love excel spreadsheets and pie charts. I really do.
  • Today I was complemented on my Excel spreadsheet. May have to drink myself into oblivion to get over the horror. #fb
  • Off to get wine + Chinese food. If I’m gonna work in Excel tonight, I’m gonna do it with a smile on my face. #peaceout
  • @Microsoft: I want to use #CSharp in #Excel instead of #VBA!!!
  • I am a super nerd. I have been up since 7 creating new excel formulas, charts and pivot tables. #howmanywayscanwebreakdownthedata
  • For the love of baby chesus, MS Excel is so complicated! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS WORLD???
  • I should probably move a stapler to the other side of my desk or maybe open an Excel Spreadsheet to look productive.
  • My boss who makes twice what I do just asked me how to delete a column in excel. #howsyourdaygoing
  • In bed, drinking beer, and crunching excel pivot charts. Am I a digital age hillbilly?!
  • worked too long on a stupid excel report script, cafeteria is out of onion soup. #FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU #fml


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